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Stretch is the simplest way to get real-time insights for all the people and teams who power your organization. We give you the power to see both the successes and issues that arise everyday, address problems before they become crises, and make sure that the right teams are getting recognition for their achievements. Insights from Stretch will help you make informed decisions about career opportunities, compensation, and leadership  and it’s so simple to install and use that your people will thank you for it!

A Better 1:1


Stretch is so simple that your team will love to use it, which means exponentially more accurate, valuable feedback


Get a continuous pulse on your and your team’s performance so you can get back all the hours usually spent on annual reviews


Keep track of your team’s accomplishments that deserve recognition throughout the year


Long-term performance data helps you make decisions about career opportunities and compensation

The Right Time

The Right Conversations at the Right Time

With so much data delivered right to your dashboard, you will have a nearly psychic ability to know when a team is killing it, having a rough week or month, or even when team dynamics may need some attention. Instead of just reacting to issues when they escalate all the way to your desk, you will be able to deal with issues before they turn into crisis with larger consequences. Stretch gives you notifications for dips and peaks in team scores, and even when someone may be a flight risk, so you can check in with a supportive conversation at the right moment.


Data Customized for You

Collaborative Insights

Stretch learns who is working together in real-time so you get a bird’s eye view of team and collaborative structures that is always being updated.

Flight Risk

Get a heads-up when a high-performing team member may be a flight risk

Individual and Team Performance History

Long-term data reveals all sorts of trends impossible to see otherwise.


Stretch will let you know when teams or team members are killing it, and also when they might need some extra support.

Better teams, simply.

Start tracking performance as it happens.
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