Stop managing people,
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Feedback shouldn’t have to compete for calendar space — Stretch helps everyone give and receive feedback at the speed of Slack.

Here's how we do it.

Add to Slack, starting with a single click.

Invite Stretch to a channel

When you’re ready to give your team the power of instant feedback, invite Stretch into collaborative project-focused Slack channels. Stretch will introduce itself in the channel and in a direct message to channel members.

Get more data, simply

Stretch uses a daily one-question review to help your teams give and receive feedback with the click of a button — in their existing workflow. It’s so easy to use, we promise 70% weekly engagement or you don’t pay a penny.

Stretch Buttons
Add to Slack button

Stretch helps all team members sharing a channel to review each other daily, and aggregates these reviews into an average score for each team member, as well as for the team.

Stretch sends everyone a graph with their score and performance history on Fridays.

Stretch uses a 2-step verification process to designate managers and direct reports. giving managers access to insights on each team member’s performance and the feedback they’re receiving from teammates. On Thursdays, managers receive a graph of performance for everyone who reports to them, and the opportunity to provide feedback or encouragement before individuals receive their scores on Friday.

Learn faster

Stretch lets your team build quick feedback loops that help them improve every day. Send teammates detailed feedback that can add context to reviews, give praise for work well done, or point out where work could be improved. It’s simple: Your team will do more of the things that work, and less of the things that don’t.

Dig in to Insights

At any time, you can go to your Stretch Dashboard to see scores, performance history and all detailed feedback you or anyone who reports to you have exchanged.

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