Here’s a (very) short guide on how Stretch works. It’s ridiculously simple to use, so no need to waste too much time here.



Just click Add to Slack to start getting insights in minutes. If your workspace has restricted install permissions, you’ll need a Slack admin to install the bot.

Share With TEams

Share with your teams

Invite Stretch to your smaller, team-focused Slack channels - typically between 5 and 25 people. Channels where people collaborate on specific projects are ideal, so avoid adding Stretch to #general or #random. Once Stretch is in your channel, it will introduce itself to the team and let everyone know how it will help manage and improve performance.

Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Because it’s built into Slack, Stretch pays attention to who is working together and asks those people to give each other feedback. Stretch asks each person one simple question each day, and collects and compiles these valuable team insights to create a holistic, intelligent measure of your and your teams’ performance.

Get insignts

Get Critical Insights Instantly

Once Stretch collects enough feedback, you will be able to see a score for yourself and your teams. Everyone is always contributing feedback, so your score will be constantly changing to reflect your team’s performance in real-time. Fluctuations are normal and an impetus for conversation and self-reflection, not a means to punish or promote.

Specific roles

What can Stretch do for me?

Better teams, simply.

Start tracking performance as it happens.
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