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Replace painful performance reviews with instant feedback.

Help your team give and receive feedback, everyday, with Stretch.

Stop managing your people, start supercharging them.

Why wait for your next 1:1? Let your team give and receive feedback at the speed of Slack.

Stop making feedback compete for calendar space.

Empower your team to give and receive feedback instantly, everyday, with Stretch.

Help your teams give and receive feedback everyday, at the speed of Slack. Within 30 days, you'll have trusted insights into performance, engagement, team dynamics, flight risk and more. Supercharge a culture of feedback for teams and replace your dreaded legacy performance review process by adding Stretch to your Slack workspace.

Every Day Counts

When you invite Stretch into a channel, it asks members one simple question every day, so you can create a culture of constant feedback within your team and track performance in real-time.

Right Advice, at the Right Time

Stretch prompts you to give your teammates advice and praise in key moments, creating a culture of feedback that will supercharge your teams.

High Engagement, Simply

Because it's so simple to use, Stretch collects thousands of anonymous data points that quickly identify trends impossible to see otherwise: High-performing people and teams, declining performance, even flight-risks.

More Insights More Often

The simplicity of Stretch means your teams will use it everyday. In fact, we promise 70% engagement or you don't pay a penny.

Once you add Stretch to Slack, your teams can give and receive daily feedback with the click of a button.

Stretch compiles feedback from your team to track your performance over time. Every Friday, Stretch will send you a graph with your score.

Managers can access the score and performance history for everyone who reports to them (but never the individual daily ratings, which always remain anonymous). On Thursday, managers receive a team performance report and the opportunity to provide feedback before team members get their scores on Friday.

Better teams, simply.

Start tracking performance as it happens.
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