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Once a year doesn’t work for brushing your teeth, or checking your emails – why would it work for giving useful feedback? Stretch is a ridiculously easy way to supercharge a culture of feedback for teams, every single day. Replace your dreaded legacy performance review process today by adding Stretch to your Slack workspace.

Everyday counts

Stretch asks teams one simple question every day so you can track performance in real-time, instead of waiting 12 months to see how you and your teams are doing.

More insights, more often

Stretch collects thousands of data points that quickly identify trends impossible to see otherwise - like high-performing individuals and teams, declining performance, and even flight risk.

Create a culture of feedback

Stretch prompts you to give your teammates advice and praise in key moments, creating a culture of feedback that will supercharge your teams!

High Engagement, Simply

Because Stretch is so simple to use, your teams will love it - in fact, we promise at least 70% engagement or you don't pay.


For Everyone

You work hard everyday - why should you wait until the end of the year to get an accurate measure of how you're doing at work? Stretch is dedicated to giving everyone a real-time measure of performance so you know when to celebrate the wins and when to push yourself to improve. Frequent feedback gives you constant opportunities to grow, and has been shown to be a hallmark of high-performers.

Stretch gives you the long-term data to advocate for better career opportunities and compensation.

Insights from Stretch give you the long-term data to advocate for promotions and raises when the time comes, not to mention the daily opportunity to voice feedback that will hold teammates and managers accountable, helping you reach your full potential together.

“Often you don’t know how you are doing or where you stand in terms of performance – Stretch gives an objective pulse on where you are.”
Chelene Frontier, Marketing Copywriter

For Managers

Stretch is the ultimate tool for managers who want real-time insight into team performance and dynamics. When you care about your team and want them to reach their full potential, you need consistent feedback that traditional reviews can’t give you. Stretch delivers the data that helps with long-term decisions like career opportunities and compensation; as well as real-time actions like a team member who needs support, praise, or could be a flight risk. See how Stretch helps managers here.

“Stretch is a great way to get anonymous feedback. It engages more people, more often than we could on our own – and not just those who would normally speak out.”
Greg Larson, VP Engineering, Divvy

For HR

Stretch is the simplest way to get real-time insights for all the people and teams who power your organization. You know better than anyone that checking in on performance once a year doesn’t work - problems and successes arise everyday. Insights from Stretch help you make informed decisions about career opportunities and compensation, and identify potential issues before they escalate. And it’s so simple to use that your people will thank you for it! See how Stretch helps HR here.


For Executives

The number of hours in a day make it impossible for most executives to check-in with each individual in their company regularly. While we haven’t been able to bend the laws of physics (yet), Stretch can give you reliable, detailed insights for every team and individual across your organization. There is no easier way to keep your finger on the pulse and cultivate a culture of high performance.

The dashboard lets you see performance across your entire org.
“This is a lightweight, simple hygiene check that gets people to give feedback that is meaningful. It’s worked its way into our culture.”
Jared Allgood, CEO, JuxtaLabs

Better teams, simply.

Start tracking performance as it happens.
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